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Who doesn't want more storage?

Our old linen press was ridiculously deep and to be honest absolutely useless, things lost to the back of the closet were dead to me

No amount of labels, baskets and other target finds were ever going to fix it!

Last year we found ourselves with an abundance of time, and the energy to tackle it finally.

we decided to create two closest's one accessible from the laundry side and one from the hall way, each only 35cm deep. Deep enough for a basket but not so deep that our towels would be forever disappearing.

Once again Ikea to the rescue! and our second foray into the world of PAX.

It was honestly really straight forward, we built one side from flat packs and Ash in his wizardry created the other side from Bunnings oak project panels and left over VJ panels attached to the back side of the PAX unit

I will say this though, it has made a world of difference, for under $500 (including labels from a local company Love from dolly, & new washing baskets from Bunnings) we have two completely usable linen cupboards and I have my sanity back!

Thanks for the chat


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