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Creating a functional euro laundry using Ikea cabinetry

Starting our renovation/ redesign I knew one thing for certain, we were moving to a euro laundry, and I had to make it functional.

Owning a typical 70s built 3 bed one bathroom, the idea of a whole room dedicated to laundry never made sense to me. Add to that our new stairwell was creating a mud room of sorts out of our old master bedroom I thought what better way to use the old closet in that room than to put our laundry in there, creating extra space and allowing us to play with the floor plan in the back of the house.

I also decided I wanted to try black cabinetry and what better place to start but behind giant white doors! Ash has built a lot of flat packs over our 12 years together and he always says he prefers Ikea flat packs to everyone else so that made the question of where to buy very straight forward.

We started with a blank slate and once the plumber had finished we were pretty much straight on to building our cabinets

The whole build of the laundry took us close to 10 days thanks to COVID Lockdowns ending our social life, we would have normally dragged this out over a month otherwise.

Cost wise, this would have been achievable for under $2000 but at the last moment we decided to add a integrated fridge as they were on sale for $750. This bumped up the price but I am so glad we did it, the extra space was extremely handy at Christmas.

(Side note the ikea integrated fridges are great as a spare but the current design wouldn't be function as a main fridge in my opinion. I do believe they are releasing a updated model that has had functionality upgrades though)

Lastly I will say that in terms of practicality, I don't find it any different to my old laundry. Position is definitely key when it comes to euro laundries but if you can find the right spot the benefits far out way and drawbacks in my opinion

Thanks for the chat

- Nicole

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